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Documents 9 - 12

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9) Photograph of May Squire

This photograph shows May Squire, Miss Squire’s niece, who was staying with her on the night of the 1881 census.

Download: Photograph of May Squire

10) Photograph of Miss Squire with an unknown lady.

Miss Squire is on the left.

The costume dates to the 1880s.

Download: Photograph of Miss Squire

11) Miss Squire and costumed children

The Neeld family took a great interest in Sevington School and Lady Harriet Neeld donated a kind of school uniform for pupils. It consisted of a blue cloak with a scarlet lining and straw bonnet for the girls and a Norfolk jacket and cap for the boys.

In this photograph, dating from the early twentieth century, two pupils are showing off their uniform watched by Miss Squire and another well dressed lady, who may be a member of the Neeld family.

Download: Photograph of Miss Squire and costumed children

12) Miss Squire and pupils

This picture dates from the 1890s

Download: Photograph of Miss Squire and pupils