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"The building and surrounding gardens made the children feel completely immersed in Victorian school life."

Kingswood Prep School


"Thank you for saving such a remarkable, valuable collection of a life from the early 19th century. It gave us such a wonderful memory to treasure and to know how our ancestors lived."

Swindon Antiques Society


"Miss Squire is a testament to Victorian teaching and I often don't hear any of my children speak unless they are asked to, for the whole day."

Badminton School




"Well organised, authentic, child-centred. A pacey, varied day, professionally run by super staff."

Ampney Crucis School

 "As well as enriching their understanding of history, it allows children to exercise their drama role playing skills and develops their understanding of science, art and the natural world."

St Nicolas C of E School


"The opportunity to stay in role for the entire day, including lunch and break, gave the children a real Victorian experience."

St John the Evangelist School


"An amazing time-capsule of social history and education which must be preserved for posterity."

Malmesbury Civic Society