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The Charity

Sevington Victorian School is a charitable trust. Its aim is to offer a high quality educational experience for schools and adults alike.

At Sevington we look after a schoolroom with schoolhouse which has survived virtually untouched since it was closed down in 1913. Some 2,500 primary school children a year visit us to take part in a Victorian school day and learn about Victorian life. Adult groups visit us too. They come to learn more about their heritage or just to enjoy the ambience of a building which is a perfect time capsule. Sevington is very special but it takes a lot of time and money to keep it going.

Registered Charity No: 1178337

Become a Friend of Sevington School

Sevington Victorian School is a Registered Charity (No: 1178337) with no guaranteed income but although we are non-profit making we still have to function as a business.

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You can help! 


Why not join our 100 club for your chance to raise money and also win a cash prize. It only costs £12 a year to take part.

Download our printable 100 Club letter and form here.

We rely heavily on our Volunteers.

They help us look after the garden and maintain the building; look up information in the archives; bake cakes; welcome visitors and run our fund raising events.

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  • Dinah Starkey - Chair of Trustees


  • Isobel Moore - Secretary


  • Edward King - Treasurer


  • Karen McCormack - Trustee



Trustees and Teaching Staff

  • Susan Dann - Teacher


  • Sue Sunderland - Teacher


  • Sylvia Townsend - Teacher


  • Sylvia Townsend - Teacher Trustee


  • Tim Cradock - Trustee


  • Jenny Jones - Trustee


  • David Witt - Trustee


  • Nikki Wright - Teacher


  • Jennifer Adams - Teacher


  • Julia Stacey - Teacher


  • Tessa Leatherland - Teacher