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19) Last three pupils

By 1913 dwindling numbers and increasing age (Miss Squire was now in her seventies) resulted in the school’s closure.

These are the last three pupils who attended Sevington School. They are (from left to right), Ruth Hunt, Bennett Isaacs and Doris Holbrow.

Doris went on to become Miss Squire’s carer in later years and a letter survives sending Miss Squire’s best wishes on her 21st birthday.

Download: Photograph of last three pupils

20) Miss Squire's letter

Doris Holbrow was one of Miss Squire’s last pupils and her carer in later life.

Download: Miss Squire's letter

Transcript: Sevington January 19th 1928

My dear Doris

I am giving you a small remembrance of your 21st Birthday and also in remembrance of our happy years together. I hope you will have a happy and pleasant time with your young friends and many happy years in your future life and may God bless you and help you and give you the blessing of good health and prosperity.

With love

Your sincere old friend

E Squire.

21) 1927 Memorandum by Miss Squire noting her arrival at the school, aged 19

This slip of paper was preserved in a Bible kept by Miss Squire’s family. It was written, in her own hand, at the very end of her life and it is interesting to note how precisely she remembers the date of Canon Jackson’s death and her own arrival at the school.

Download: Miss Squire's memorandum

Transcript: The 9th July 1927

Canon Jackson was Rector for 45 years. He died March 6th 1891. 36 years ago. About 80 years ago this school as built by Joseph Neeld Esq. Also the church at Leigh Delamere. I came here in April 1860 19 years ago.