Historical Documents

Digital Resources 

This section contains scanned copies of historical documents and records pertaining to Miss Squire and her time at Sevington School. It includes her birth certificate and other personal documents, photographs and yearly registers.

To access the documents use the menu on the right hand side of the page.  The table below shows what can be found on each page. There are different options for how the documents can be viewed, either as a pdf or image in a browser window, or downloadable as a Word document. Just click on the link depending on your preference. 



Documents 1 - 4

1) Miss Squire's birth certificate

2) Miss Squire's confirmation leaflet

3) School register 1858

4) Miss Squire's confirmation of baptism

Document 5

5) List of school registers

Documents 6 - 8

6) School registers 1861

7) School registers 1862

8) School registers 1863

Documents 9 - 12

9) Photo of May Squire

10) Photo of Miss Squire

11) Miss Squire and costumed children

12) Miss Squire and pupils

Documents 13 - 18

13) School registers 1886

14) School registers 1887

15) Coal club accounts 1895

16) School registers 1895

17) School registers 1897

18) School registers 1898 and 1899 

Documents 19 - 21

19) Photo of last three pupils

20) Miss Squire's letter

21) Miss Squire's memorandum

If you would like to find out more about researching family history, why not take a look at the Federation of Family History Societies' website, or the Wiltshire Family History Society? Both have lots of useful information and links.