Our History

Sevington school was built by Joseph Neeld. 

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He had inherited a vast fortune and he used it to buy Grittleton House and the land around it.

His aim was to move in high society and so he bought himself a seat in parliament and married the aristocratic Lady Caroline Ashley-Cooper.   Sadly the marriage was a disaster, ending in scandal and divorce proceedings, and although he remained an MP for the rest of his life, he never once spoke in the debate.  Gradually he abandoned his ambitions and turned his attention to his estate.

He was an improving landlord and there was a lot to improve.  He began to pull down and rebuild his tenants’ cottages and turned his attention to the church, which had been going to rack and ruin for more than forty years.  It was beyond saving, so he had it pulled down and the best bits – the bell tower, the reredos and one of the windows  were incorporated into the new school which was being established for his estate workers.  

Sevington School opened in 1849 and Miss Squire took up the reins eleven years later, aged nineteen.  She continued to teach there until 1913, a span of almost sixty years.   The school room was built to hold twenty-five pupils, but by the time of her retirement there were only three pupils on roll.




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