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We bring learning to life

If you’ve been to Sevington before, you’ll know that it recreates the past in a unique way. It offers children a profound learning experience, in which all the senses are engaged. 

“There is nothing like being in an authentic building with all the artefacts to aid learning." Christchurch Primary, Hanham


And it's still in the history curriculum

Key Stage One


Key Stage Two

Significant historical events, people and places in the locality.


A local history study.

Changes in an aspect of social history.

Developing literacy skills

Sevington provides the perfect context for teaching English, too.

Whether your aim is to extend research skills or to develop a range of writing for different audiences, the immersive experience of a day at Sevington provides a great starting point.

Here’s how we can help...

Key Stage One


Key Stage Two

An introduction to non-fiction books.

Writing narratives about different experiences.

Year 3 and 4

Using contents pages and indexes and combining information from more than one source.

Writing for a range of purposes.


Year 5 and 6

Developing information retrieval skills.

Organising and structuring text.

Learning opportunities

Preparation and follow-up work provides rich opportunities for learning, based on an unforgettable experience. 

Before the visit

Finding out about Victorian schooldays prepares children to enter into their roles, while developing information retrieval skills.

Our downloadable resource packs (available from January) are closely linked to the revised English curriculum. Fact sheets and documents about Miss Squire and her pupils encourage children to gather information from a range of sources and organize their findings.

Miss Squire’s niece, May, was a pupil at the school (see picture to the right).  

After the visit

We know from our feedback that children come back from Sevington bursting with ideas. It’s an ideal opportunity to develop the skills of writing whether through writing an account of the day (Key Stage 1) producing a story in the first person, using information from our pack (lower Key Stage 2), or producing an information book for younger children (upper Key Stage 2).

may squire 1884

“The experience aided their writing project, as well as bringing to life our topic about the Victorians."  

St Patrick’s Primary 



Sevington School, where history comes alive

Our team of expert teachers are happy to arrange a preliminary visit to discuss your specific requirements.

Girl with hoop


Coming soon...

Downloadable resource packs for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to support learning in English and History.

Key Stage 1

Picture pack of images from the school room to be used side by side pictures from your pupils’ own classroom to talk about differences between then and now.

Key Stage 2

Writing frames and fact sheets to help children locate specific information and build research skills.

Evidence packs to develop history skills and plan and organize non-fiction writing.


 Download Sevington School's new brochure.



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