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The images on this page give you a taste of the wonderful buildings and unique artefacts that can be found at Sevington School. Take a look at our Gallery to see the events of a typical school day.

  • class in the kitchen
    class in the kitchen
  • authentic artefacts
    authentic artefacts
  • the parlour
    the parlour
  • craft work
    craft work
  • girls in garden
    girls in garden
  • time unchanged
    time unchanged
  • wash house blues
    wash house blues
  • take the plunge
    take the plunge
  • the emporium
    the emporium
  • toys from the time
    toys from the time

The Experience

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We can offer:

An authentic village schoolroom, opened in 1849, closed in 1913 and still almost unchanged, with some of the original desks, slates, coal fires and oil lamps.

A present day class of 30 pupils can have a first-hand experience of Victorian education, in costume and in role. The day is run by ‘Miss Elisabeth Squire’, the Sevington schoolmistress and her sister ‘Miss Hannah Squire’. 

Most schools arrive around 10.00am and leave at 2.00pm but every visit is tailored to meet the requirements of the particular group.



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