Planning Grid for Teachers

Statutory Requirements Activity Resource


Using past and present tense.

Super starter:
Compare pictures of Sevington with present day classroom.
Look for pictures in information books for more pictures to compare and contrast.

Picture pack:
Showing the schoolroom at Sevington and its contents.

KS1 Picture pack

Sequencing sentences.

Fantastic finisher:
Write about the visit to Sevington.

Downloadable writing frame.

KS1 Writing frame

Lower and Upper KS2

Retrieving and recording information from non-fiction texts.

Super starter:
Use the contents page, index and glossary to locate information about Victorian schools.

Downloadable worksheets:
Using a contents page

Using an index

LKS2 Reference Book

UKS2 Reference Book

Lower KS2

Build rich vocabulary

Fantastic finisher:
Write a first person narrative from the point of view of one of Miss Squire’s pupils.

Online fact files:
Photographs, text and reminiscences.

LKS2 Fact File 1 Christmas

LKS2 Writing Frame 1 

LKS2 Fact File 2 The School

LKS2 Writing Frame 2

LKS2 Fact File 3 The Children

LKS2 Writing Frame 3 

LKS2 Fact File 4 School Clothes

LKS2 Writing Frame 4 

Upper KS2

Retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction.

Fantastic finisher:
Put together text, pictures and captions to create a double page spread about Sevington school.

Double page spread:
An interactive programme including scrambled text, images and fact files

KS2 Double Page Spread Picture Pack

KS2 Double Page Spread Template

KS2 Double Page Spread Content

Writing for a purpose. Collate and combine information using organisational devices to structure the text.

Fantastic finisher:
Extension task aimed at creating a children’s guide to Sevington.

You’re the editor:
Fact files to support a project writing a non-fiction book about Sevington for younger children.

KS2 Fact File Picture Pack


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